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 Landlords Working with Landlords!

You want to achieve the best possible rent and attract the highest quality of tenants for each of your properties.


As accredited landlords ourselves, we know that better than anyone; we understand what you are trying to achieve.

But...you’ll probably agree that trying to keep your properties constantly full, with the highest standards of tenants can be extremely stressful. Then of course, there are the ever-increasing legislations that you’ve got to keep on top of as well as the maintenance responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a landlord.


Let’s just say that being a successful landlord requires a lot of time, effort and diligence. 

Think about the difference it would make to your life if everything you needed to be a successful landlord was professionally taken care of by a friendly team of professionals...


Think how much easier your life would be if your properties were always full with the kind of tenants, paying the kind of rent rates, that you really want...


Think how much less stress you would have to deal with if you were always absolutely certain that you were fully compliant with ever-changing legislations...


There is just no comparison to running the risk of going it alone (even if you think you’re keeping on top of things!)


We are exceptionally experienced in working with landlords with both large and small portfolios and we can honestly say that the majority of landlords simply don’t have the time to maximise the potential in their business. 


We ensure that each of our clients “get it right from day one.”  By working around your individual requirements, we ensure that you receive a significant return on your investment through us and make your property visions a reality.


Your success as a landlord is our success as a company. Simple.


For more information on how we can help you, contact us on info@iestateagent.com or 01908 410800 for FREE, no obligation advice.